Most Popular Glitter iPhone Case in 2018
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Most Popular Glitter iPhone Case in 2018

  • 17-04-2018


If there's one thing I can say for certain, it must be that a new iPhone is not complete without a perfect case. But finding a perfect case can be one of the most terrible things in our modern lives. Since there are many kinds of iPhone case covers on the market which provides many protective functions for our devices. Some are very cheap but bad looking, and some are nice looking but high price, so if we can pay less but get highly nice phone cases, it can meet all requirements in our spiritual and material aspects.


However, our pursuit becomes higher and higher in these two aspects with the society developing. For girls, they want beautiful or elegant phone cases, while for boys, they want their cases cooler than others. Now I choose Top 3 product in each popular glitter style iPhone cases in 2018 from some famous shopping websites. Browse through these trendy cases to keep your iPhone safe and shimmering.



Style 1: Blue-ray Laser iPhone case


This kind of case is very cool, and it is very popular this year. The case can change the color through reflecting blue and purple ray in different angles. This case is made of premium TPU material, using New IMD tech short for In Mold Decoration which means inlaid decoration fingerprints injection technology and Blu-ray processing to make it shiny.

Now let’s look at the top 3 popular case in this style.


Bling Laser Blu-ray Marble Pattern Soft TPU iPhone Case


Special marble pattern on the case makes your phone different and eyes-catching.


Compatible: iPhone 6/7/8/6s/Plus/x


Cool design very suitable for cool man.


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Lovely White Bear Blu-ray Laser Sarking Soft TPU iPhone Case


Designed with a cute white bear pattern, red is basical color.


Compatible: iPhone 6/7/8/6s/Plus/X


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Luxury Fashion Rose Girl Shiny Blu-ray Soft TPU iPhone Case


This is a sexy lady pattern, thus this one suits for the same sexy girl.


Compatible: iPhone 6/7/8/6s/Plus/x


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Style 2: Glitter Powder iPhone case


This style is very familiar to most of us, we always use glitter powder to decorate something, so this case is shiny and looking lovely because of the glitter powder. Some factory may put powder inside the phone case, so the handle depends on the case material, and some may put powder on the phone case, so this case must be matte. Let’s see how the glitter powder to decorate our iPhone.



Girly Cosmetic Makeup Glitter Dynamic Liquid Quicksand Silicone iPhone Case



Compatible : iPhone 6/7/6s/Plus


Feature: Liquid can move freely,add more fun to you; cosmetic makeup lipstick perfume pattern frame, fashion & luxury designs


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Light Purple Glitter Powder Ultra Soft TPU Protective iPhone Case



Compatible : iPhone X only



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Crystal Glitter Shimmering Hybird Soft Silicone Protective Case



Compatible : iPhone 7 only



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Style 3 Embedded Crystal iPhone case


Most of cases in this style look luxury for embedded crystal. Crystal can make bling bling light under the strong light. That’s the reason why every girl wants a diamond ring. But diamond is rare and expensive, most factory choose crystal which looks similar but much cheaper to replace diamond decorating phone case. So this case is very popular among girls, besides embedded crystal would improve the original pattern effect making the case more elegant.





Elegant Magnolia Pattern Embedded Crystal Ultra Soft Silicone Back Cover



Compatible: iPhone 6/7/8/6s/Plus/x



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Original White Crystal Case with Swarovski Elements Lipstick Heart



Compatible : iPhone 7 only



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Bling Cute Dandelion Pattern Embedded Crystal Soft TPU Protective iPhonr Case



Compatible: iPhone 6/7/8/6s/Plus/X



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As you see, each case has its own unique feature, so there is no doubt that they can be the most popular glitter phone cases. Especially the style one phone case, it is really hot amony the trendy men in 2018. I  can not say this style will be popular forever, because every product upgrades very soon,  but I can say this style is the most popular phone case in 2018. If you just get a new iPhone X,  or you want to change a fresh look for your iPhone, check out these trendy iPhone cases with great protective function now!