Refusing Ordinary, Finding Unique for iPhone case
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Refusing Ordinary, Finding Unique for iPhone case

  • 12-04-2018



Everyone is a single being, unique and unrepeatable, so there are no two identical people in the world. The items we use everyday must have the same one for others. But many people don’t want to be the same today, so they tend to choose some new, modern or revolutionary items to show their personalities. There are the most popular unique iPhone cases as below.


1.Leather Painted One-eyed Mouse Protective iPhone Case for iPhone 6 7 8/Plus/6s/6s Plus/X


iPhone-painted-leather-case-53397  (1).jpg  


This case has a unique design and it is made from PU+TPU. As the picture you see, it is a wallet phone case with 3 card slots and 1 cash pocket, and it also can fold back cover as a stand. So it can satisfy all your needs of phone case. The most important one is the painting, a one-eyed mouse holding a stick saying “Don’t touch my cell phone”. Don’t you think it’s a unique one? Click here to buy one to protect your iPhone Now!



2.Luminous 3D Girl Pattern Leather iPhone Case for iPhone 6 7 8/Plus/6s/6s Plus/X 


iphone-X-leather-case-53380-pink 1.jpg


You may think it is an ordinary phone case, but when you expose it under strong white light for a while to absorb light energy, then the case will be luminous in the dark. At that time, the case pattern looks like 3D scene, and the girl, butterfly, bird are like alive. This case have many color choices like pink as the picture shown, light purple, gold, a popular color rose gold and so on. This unique, convenient, and beautiful case suits many girls. Shop one Now!



3. Luxury Leather iPhone cases with Invisible Stand for iPhone 6 7 8/Plus/6s/6s Plus/X


Invisible-Stand-Leather-iphone-case-53391  (3).jpg


The unique and special feature is the invisible kickstand design. This kickstand is flexible, so it is easy to pull out as a stand or pull back as a part of the card slot. This case is made from premium and eco-friendly leather which provides you a luxury feeling and full boby protection, but more surprisingly, this case is really cheap. Do you want this creative but low price case? Buy one now!




4. Creative iPhone Couple Cases Moon & Earth Pattern for iPhone 6 7 8/Plus/6s/6s Plus/X 


iphone-couple-case-TPU-53390 8.jpg


Most couple cases are painted girls and boys, king and queen or Mr. and Mrs. But those don’t suit for BFF, stereotyped designs may make people feel it is just couple cases. But this couple case use black as the background, and coupled with advanced patch technology made of Smart Moon and Earth pattern.  It looks simple and elegant. Thus, this couple case can be a great gift for your lovers, BFF, or family. Now click here to buy a gift for someone care and your own iPhone.



5. Faux Leather Wallet Case with Card Pockets for iPhone 8Plus




Have you see the difference of this wallet case? Yes, the unique feature is this wallet design. When you have this case, you will not need to carry your wallet around, and you can carry all the necessary and favorite discount, credit, or I.D. cards you need to get through the day. It has multiple slots that you can use along with an added storage pocket for charging cords, or earphones. Let this Faux Leather Wallet Case accentuate your look as it features a contemporary design with a champagne finish! Buy one now!